As it’s nearing Valentine’s day I thought it would be apt to write an article about relationships and what I have learnt about them in my journey so far.

Why do I keep attracting the same type of person? This is a question that many of my clients ask me. Let me explain with this simple statement:

We are like magnets and attract what we feel inside.

How does that statement make you feel? When I first heard it I was a little miffed, and thought to myself “as if I would attract that type of person into my life willingly”. But after more research and more unpleasant people showing up in my life, I started to wonder if this statement was true. Each person was bringing up reoccurring patterns within me and pushing the same buttons. I realised it was time to heal myself and take back my power. Well I had to try something 🙂

I decided to learn to become a Faster EFT Practitioner and during my time on this wonderful course many light bulbs went off and really gave me clarity as to why I am like the way I am and why I was attracting certain people into my life.

Let me try and explain this further:
Basically before we are born, the stage is set. Our parents have their beliefs about themselves and the world and we are born into this. It’s like when we are born we put on our parents goggles of how they see the world as this is all we know. We learn about how they interact in relationships, how they handle money, their self esteem etc. We are like tiny sponges, taking in all that surrounds us. As we grow we start to look for people and situations that mirror what we feel inside. As this is the simple law of the universe: like attracts like! So if inside we feel not worthy, we will attract someone who will confirm this belief and make us feel un-worthy. Even though we don’t like to treated this way, on an unconscious level if this is how we feel, then this is what we will attract.

On a positive note this is quite empowering for you. If there is a person in your life who’s making you feel a negative emotion, then they are there to show you that there’s part of you that needs healing. Once you heal that negative part of you, it is impossible to attract that type of person or experience again. I can put my hand on my heart and say this is true for me as I’ve actually experienced this and it really is amazing.

Faster EFT was the turning point for me and has empowered me so much. I have been able to heal myself on a daily basis on whatever comes up for me and my life is changing before my eyes.

So if you have had enough of negative people or experiences and want to attract what you know you deserve then try Faster EFT and see you life excel, visit for more info.

Lots of love
Danielle xxx