I love this quote as it’s so true that we are the ones that hold ourselves back….why do we do this???  For myself and my clients It comes down to how we feel about ourselves, what conditioning we have experienced during childhood from parents and school…even going as far back as when you were in your mother’s your mum felt about herself.  How you were born..was it traumatic?  These experiences play a massive part in what hold us back.

The exciting news is…..we can change this!  We hold the key to letting go of these old outdated beliefs and creating new ones.  I have let go and assisted many clients to change unhelpful beliefs and create new ones.  The amazing cutting edge technique called FasterEFT is how I helped myself and my clients to let go of the past pain and create a better life now.  I find it so empowering to know that I have this powerful tool that I can use to change my inner world and I want to empower YOU too.

To learn more about FasterEFT and how to book in for a coaching session, go to or call me on 0449704779.  Take back your power now!!

Love Danielle xxx