Dear friends

I feel really compelled to share this information on Beliefs, as they hold the key to what’s holding us back in our lives.  If your life doesn’t look like the way you want it too… can be sure you have some limiting beliefs sabotaging your mind.

So, first off…what are beliefs?
Beliefs are what we believe about ourselves and the world around us.  Most of our beliefs are created during childhood from our parents, culture, religion, location of where we live etc.  I like to show my clients this image below: In the centre there is a perfect diamond (this diamond is you at birth), as we start to grow and learn we take on the beliefs of our parents and what we see around us.  I liken it too putting on your parents glasses…we have no choice but to take on their beliefs about themselves and the world.

Lets get back to the image below that I show my clients:  As we grew we started to forget who we are and build barriers around ourselves, all the fears and hurts that we experience triggers us to build more barriers.  We then start to live from these barriers, believing that is who we are.  We feel unhappy and unfulfilled because our soul knows the truth of who we are but we are covered with all these negative layers.  The exciting news is, is that there is an amazingly easy technique called FasterEFT that can literally clear these limiting beliefs and get us back to who we are 🙂

If you are sick of not living the life that you know you deserve….then please get in touch to book in some FasterEFT sessions.  If you are unable to see me in person then we can do a session via Skype or Zoom.

Love Danielle xxx