I feel confident and sure of myself
I got a lot of out of my counselling sessions.
It’s amazing the subtle changes you can feel in other areas of your life after
clearing issues that don’t ‘appear’ to be related. I felt calm and relaxed after
the session, which was great but it wasn’t until the next day that I noticed
just how different I felt. I felt confident and sure of myself – a very nice and
empowering feeling! So thanks again. I am more than happy to recommend you.

LP, Adelaide

I feel at peace with my past
Just a quick message to say what a huge effect seeing a counsellor has done for me.   I am sleeping so well now and , according to my husband , I have stopped snoring ! I know this wasn’t what I came to see you about and I am so happy to be a quiet sleeper now 🙂 I feel at peace with my past in a way that fills me with confidence. I no longer feel uptight and filled with dread for no reason and was amazed at what memories surfaced.
The session made me face difficult memories and with your kindness and guidance I came through the other side with fresh hope and enthusiasm .

So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

J – Adelaide

Experienced major improvements with relationships
Thank you so much to Danielle for her amazing work with Faster EFT. I’ve had a few sessions of the standard EFT in the past but without any significant results. However, after having only one session with Danielle I have experienced major improvements with relationships I had previously struggled with.
Danielle is extremely passionate about her work and is continuously learning so she can provide her clients with the best help and support possible. She is a fantastic therapist! 

SB – Adelaide