me trying to work

Take my hat off to all the mumtrepreneur’s out there….I salute you xxxx

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining about my life.  It’s all done with a bit of tongue and cheek…as I know I’m so blessed to be a mum to four boys and have the life I have, but I think it’s great to be real.  It’s very challenging to live your passion and be a mum at the same time.  Working on my business with a 10 week old and 3 boys who are with me 50% of the time is proving to be impossible.

Here’s an typical day for me (when my 3 big boys are at their dads):

6am – wake up before Archie so I can meditate

6.05 – Archie (my 10 week old) wakes up too. I go in and settle him back to sleep

6.07 – I lay back down for my Zen time..aaaahhhhh the bliss

6.10 – Archie awakes again and this time is not going to go back to sleep.  He has the biggest smile that is way to hard to resist.

7am – Feed Archie

7.30 – play with Archie

8.30 – Archie’s sleepy and grumpy, put him down for a nap.  Make myself a quick cup of tea and put a load of washing on.  Run myself a bath as I haven’t managed to wash my hair in a few days and I have dreadlocks.  Relax in bath and slather lots of conditioner on my dreadlocked hair…break 3 of the prongs on my comb because my hair is sooooo knotted.

8.40 – Archie wakes up crying his sweet little head off.  Leave him to cry for 5 mins so I can quickly rush my ‘relaxing’ bath lol. Go in to him and settle him back to sleep.


8.45 – Quickly dry and sit down in front of my lap top to start working on my relationship course.

8.55 – Archie wakes up….no chance of settling him back.  Get him up and put him on his play gym.

9.00 – Archie bored of play gym…so I take him for a morning walk.

9.45 – Get back from walk and Archie has fallen asleep.  So jump back in front of my lap top to begin working again.

10am – Archie wakes up screaming as he’s starving…Feed Archie

10.30 – play with Archie and read him a book

11.30 – Archie ready for another nap…this one is a longer one so I put him down and quickly make myself something to eat as haven’t managed to eat yet (surprised I’m not a stick insect 🙂

12.00 – Feeling ready to start working on my course, hoping to get at least an hour of work done.

12.15 – Archie wakes up….leave him for 10 mins but his crying only increases, go in and settle him back to sleep. Jump back on my lap top.

12.30 – Archie wakes up again….this time he’s wide eyed and not prepared to go back off.  Take him into my bed and he settles again.  I try and creep out to work on my lap top…..Archie wakes up.  I lie back down and we both fall asleep for an hour lol.

2pm – Feed Archie

2.30 – Archie has a little play while I hang out the washing and put some washing away that’s been on my bedroom floor for 2 days.

washing on floorWashing on my bedroom floor 🙂

3.00 – Archie’s bored of playing so I put on some tunes and we dance around the kitchen for a bit…he loves it and so do I.

3.30 – Archie’s cranky again…so I put him down for a nap.  Another window to get some work done, grab a quick drink and settle back in front of my lap top.  Have a quick look a Facebook ha ha

4pm – Archie awake and wanting cuddles and chats 🙂

5pm – Feed Archie

5.30 – Bath Archie, he loves his baths 🙂

6pm – Feed Archie the rest of his feed

6.45 – Settle Archie in his cot too sleep…go into him about 10 x to settle him.

7.30 – Archie’s asleep…right… time to work on my course.  Open up laptop and just stare at it for 10 mins.  Not feeling inspired or creative right now.  So flop on the sofa and chill.

Next day….REPEAT the above.

archie and I

I typed this post with one finger whilst holding Archie….now that’s skill.  It took me about 3 hours lol

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Love Danielle xxx