Faster EFT is an amazing technique that works with the subconscious mind to release and let go of whatever is holding you back in your life.

Trauma can have a massive negative impact on people’s lives and can cause stress, depression and other dis-ease in the mind and body.  Even though the event was horrible and hard to deal with, we really don’t need to hold on to it, as once it’s happened it is just a memory and memories can be changed.  When you clear out a trauma it doesn’t discount what happened to you it just frees you from reliving it and having to experience it over and over again in your mind causing you pain and emotional distress.

One of my clients experienced a trauma at a very young age and she carried this around with her for all of her life, it affected her in so many ways and it was like a black cloud around her at all times.

I got my client to relive the memory and we used the Faster EFT technique to clear it out of her mind.  Once we cleared it out we re-imprinted her mind with a memory of what she would have liked to have happened.

She left feeling amazing and like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.  A few weeks later I received a message from my client to say that she feels so positive and great now and not only that a problem that she had in her body had disappeared after 15 years of having it.

It just goes to show how the body and the mind are connected and the body can store trauma, unhappiness, anger or whatever negative emotion and show up as a dis- ease.

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