My journey on following my dreams,

Life was pretty challenging when my husband and I separated, not only for us but for our kids.  We had to start again and after 14 years, that was pretty scary – let me tell you 🙂  

I had 3 little boys to look after and I also had no family support, but something inside of me kept me moving forward and I had a dream of starting up my own business, supporting myself and my boys and a business that helped people.  My passion in life is to uplift others; it just brings me so much joy.  I just needed to find something that would incorporate this, so I put it out to the universe.

One of my dear friends went to see a spiritual counsellor and she raved about him.  I decided to go and see him, he told me that I would be a fantastic EFT practitioner and gave me a business card of a lady practising in Adelaide.  I called this lady that day to make an appointment, but she was booked up for 3 months. I thought to myself “well business must be good” :-).  She told me that her teacher, who is from America was coming to Adelaide in a few weeks to teach Faster EFT. In that moment I knew I had to do this course!

There were a few challenges around doing the course that could have easily stopped me from attending.  One; my little boys were on school holidays, two; the property I was living in had come to the end of the lease and I had to move out whilst on the course.  Three; I still hadn’t found a place to move into.  It all seemed too hard and the advice I had from a few close people was to focus on finding a place to live.  I decided to do the course anyway, it felt like I was going to be missing out on a fantastic opportunity if I didn’t do it.

SO I DID – HA HA! Whilst on the course I found a place to live, my kids were fine and enjoyed being with friends and I also met my amazing partner.

I now have a wonderful business that I run from home, helping people to release and let go of the stress in their lives.  I also have a wonderful supportive partner who brings great joy to my life and my children are happy and settled.

So, please follow your dreams, listen to your heart as it takes you to amazing places.  I’m not sure where I would be if I didn’t follow my heart, I don’t feel it would be as wonderful as what I’m experiencing now 🙂