About Freedom Therapy


Client-Centred NDIS Counselling
Danielle the founder of freedom therapy is an accredited and highly experienced counsellor who has worked as an NDIS Support Coordinator previously.  During her time as an NDIS Support Coordinator, Danielle could see a real need for a mobile counselling service, but finding one was almost impossible.

In Home Support For Mental Health Issues
Danielle noticed that a huge number of her clients suffered from Mental Health issues yet struggled to get the support they needed as they were stuck in a vicious cycle.  Not only did their mental health condition severely restrict them from leaving home, but the anxiety of fears about leaving the house for treatment made the problem worse. 

Mobility Issues
For those that did seek help, it was a costly proposition.  Many clients with dis
abilities were unable to leave home without assistance, so by the time they had paid for the psychologist and support worker to take them to the appointment, a single therapy session could end up costing $250.

Determined to help 

Determined to help, Danielle desperately searched for local mobile counsellors but with limited success.  As an accomplished therapist,  qualified counsellor, life coach and Faster EFT practitioner, Danielle knew she could help and left her job to start a mobile counselling service in Adelaide.


Freedom Therapy’s mission is to provide all-inclusive, easy access, quality counselling and mental health careservices to NDIS participants across Australia.  

National Counselling Service

Passionate about making a difference and helping people to live their best life, we are committed to providing a mobile face to face, or in-home (phone/video call) counselling service to NDIS participants anywhere in Australia. 

Our growing network of professionally trained and accredited mobile counsellors spans Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne and we are currently recruiting in Sydney, Perth and Darwin.

Easy Access – No Waiting Time

Early intervention is a critical part of managing any mental health issue, which is why we provide a fast and efficient counselling service with limited or no waiting time.  If we do not have a mobile counsellor in your area we can provide rapid online support through a range of phone or video calling platforms.  

Qualified & Experienced Counsellors
Getting the right supports in place can make a huge difference to someone suffering from a mental health issue.   We are committed to providing quality care and excellent outcomes for all our clients so we only recruit the very best trained, qualified and experienced counsellors.  

No Gap – Direct Billing
All our services are funded through the NDIS so there will be no need to pay a gap.  Our team are highly experienced in all the workings of the NDIS so all invoices are clearly coded for rapid and easy processing by your plan manager.  If you are a self-managed NDIS participant we will send the invoice directly to you.